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Ready to add more mindful and eco-conscious resources and activities into your homeschool or preschool classroom? Shop now for planners, organizational tools, Mindfulness and Eco-literacy starter packs, supplemental materials, curriculum packages, lesson plans, courses and much more!

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Discount Curriculum

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Conscious Lessons

Conscious Lessons are for PreK - 2nd grade. Rooted in mindfulness and eco-literacy. To be completed in 5-7 days. Lessons can be stand-alone or support an area of interest. 

Exploratory Courses

Exploratory Courses are stand-alone courses for Preschool - 12th grade. To be completed over a 1-2 week period. Developed by global professional educators on enriching topics for children. 

All Parent Educators and Teacher Resources

Conscious Merchandise

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Our times are calling for reflection, innovation and adaptation, and our children are yearning for educational opportunities to support this. Origins is giving parents and educators the tools and the platform they need to transform themselves, their students and the world. Origins Curriculum has subscriptions and single purchase content for children ages 3 years old through 12th grade and a wide array of educator resources. Join us as we change the world, one child at a time. 

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What Is Origins Curriculum?

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