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Kids are often naturally drawn to the world around them, and the facts and stories they learn about the natural world in childhood stay with them for a lifetime. Our Ecoliterate Kids Starter Pack teaches about nature, animals, and biology through the lens of interconnectivity and helps inspire students to investigate and explore.


Origins Poster Bundle

  • Includes: Mother Mandala, (4) Focal Points, The Seasons, The Elements, Times of Day, and Stages of Life Posters 
    This poster set is a great resource and beautiful addition to any school or homeschool classroom. These posters are visual aids that demonstrate the cyclical and interconnected nature of Origins Conscious Curriculum; they can be used to support learning with or without a subscription. Available for download in full color.


11 Concious Lessons for K-2nd grade

  • Snow, Birds, Insects, Metamorphosis, Plants, Pollination, Spirals, Mycelium, Bees, Weather + Climate, Lessons from Mother Nature

Ecoliterate Kids: Starter Pack for K-2 Grade

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