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Is your student ready to read? Look no further, this fully comprehensive Emergent Reading includes (11) levels with resource materials and beginning reader books. Our Emergent Reading curriculum is a resource for budding readers, developed with Pre-K through first grade students in mind. Each level introduces and builds on early reading skills and concepts, from letter recognition and identifying single phonemes (sounds) to decoding and reading words and sentences with learned sounds. Each level contains student-friendly games and activities, including instructor-led phonemic- and phonological-awareness activities, letter and sound recognition cards, printables, and (3) original beginning reader books with comprehension questions. Origins’ beginning reader books are written to progressively include the letters and sounds that your budding reader learns. They provide an opportunity for your student to be “a reader” from the first reading lesson. Our Emergent Reading curriculum is meant to foster a love for books and reading, and is adaptable based on each students’ unique development, interest level, and pace of learning.

Emergent Reading Curriculum

  • Product will be downloaded as a zip file with multiple folders.

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