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A 42-page Exploratory Course, “Looking for Lichen” by Daniela Silver

For Pre K - 2nd Graders


Looking for Lichen is an immersive exploratory course designed to deepen children’s understanding of lichen, a unique symbiotic organism found abundantly in our natural environment. By unraveling the mysteries of lichen, this course aims to promote ecoliteracy and empowers learners to read and interpret our natural world. Throughout the course, learners will engage in hands-on learning experiences that combine observation, scientific thinking routines, and discussions. One of the core focuses of the course is highlighting the importance of mindful observation. By actively seeking out and recognizing the presence of lichen in their surroundings, learners will develop a sense of mindfulness and connection to the natural world. Understanding lichen becomes a doorway to appreciating the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of protecting our planet. 

Looking for Lichen

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