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Our Mindful Kids 101 pack expands on the tools from the Mindful Kids: Starter Pack for Preschool. It includes a Gratitude Journal, Emotional Regulation Bundle, and interactive lesson plans that can help students to view the world through the lens of interconnection and develop an expanded awareness.  

Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal can be used for self-reflection, setting intentions, and building a strong gratitude practice. When practice gratitude, we in turn, notice and are given more to be grateful for. 


Homeschool Emotional Regulation Bundle

Our Emotional Regulation Bundle is a collection of resources that can help us in building and strengthening emotional intelligence and interpersonal and cognitive skills. Using these tools can help us shift our energy to cultivate wellbeing and emotional stability. You can use these resources with your student however you like. 


Includes: Emotional Regulation Toolbox Poster + Flashcards, Photos Feelings Chart Poster, Emotions Wheel Poster, Emotions & Sensations in the Body Packet, and Choice Cards


8 Conscious Lessons

Body + Nature, Mind-Body Connection, Balanced Mind Body and Soul, Water Consciousness, Raising Your Vibration, Speaking from the Heart, Community Action, System Connections.


Our downloadable posters come in 11x17” and resized and printed smaller if needed. We suggest printing at your local Print/Copy facility to save money and together, reduce our carbon footprint!

Mindful Kids 101: Lesson Pack for K-2

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