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About Conscious Curriculum

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Winner of the international
a‘Greening Education Solutions Provider’ award!

In recognition of its exceptional contribution towards providing innovative eco-conscious education solutions that inspire and equip schools and educators to foster environmental awareness and sustainability.

Image by Paula Corberan

Origin's Conscious Curriculum is a comprehensive and new paradigm approach to education that guides and grows a child’s connection to their emotional, social, and environmental consciousness.

The unschooling-inspired educational content and instruction seeks to answer the questions: “Who Are We?” “Who Lives Here?”  “What’s Happening?” and “How Are We Connected?”. These are answered through our essential understandings into 4 over-arching Focal Points of learning – Internal, External, Metaphysical, and Interconnection.

We are dedicated to the whole child: mind, body and spirit.

Children will develop critical-thinking skills toward solving real-world problems, while gaining confidence in their identity, meaning, and purpose. Creating the Origins Effect.

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