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A 33-page Exploratory Course, "Moving With the Wind and Words," by Kathleen Marleneanu

For Grades K-5th


Learn to create your own poem and dance by playing with creative movement in the Exploratory Unit, “Moving With the Wind and Words,” by Kathleen Marleneanu. Children will learn about the wind and explore its wonder by reading and writing poetry, asking questions, and dancing! This unit will help children increase their environmental awareness and value of planet Earth. Through practicing mindful breath and movement, they will gain better control of their emotions and learn to stay calm, even when feeling tossed in the wind.


Kathleen Marleneanu is a dancer, teaching artist, wife, and mother from The Natural State of Arkansas. She started dancing at the age of ten and hasn’t stopped since! She is trained in and teaches numerous styles such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, tap, and hip hop. She began dancing professionally in 2008 and teaching in 2009. Kathleen designs and delivers instruction for learners ages three and up with an emphasis on creativity and meaningful learning. She is a member of the AR Arts Council Arts in Education Roster, and has taught for various organizations including, public, private, and charter schools, museums, library, learning academy, nonprofit organizations, dance company and studios. Kathleen graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English and minor in Dance, and earned her Master of Education degree in Learning Systems Technology.

Moving with the Wind & Words Read, Write & Dance Poetry

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