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We are so grateful that you are embarking on this 3-month educational experience with Origins! Origins Curriculum offers a magical exploration into global education for classroom & homeschool educators. Join us in our year-long, virtual and nature-based learning curriculum.

Mindfulness • Nature-Led & Eco-Conscious • Global Education • Research-Based Online Learning

Origins is an adventure into global education, and hits all the required domains of learning and covers every subject taught in public school plus more! Students will dive into each global biome and learn about the regions in depth.

They will learn about the original peoples, the flora and the fauna, about environmental concerns, economics, water cycles, weather patterns, food systems, soil types and how the regions are connected to the greater global web. These topics will be explored through the lenses of reading, mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, music and art and more, all the while weaving in eco- literacy and mindfulness.

Origins students will develop critical-thinking skills toward solving real-world problems like climate change, while gaining confidence in their identity, meaning, and purpose.

Below outlines the curriculum you will receive for each month throughout the year:


Monthly Curriculum Guide

The Monthly Overview; Step-by-Step Instructions and Teacher Resources; Table of Contents; Book and Supply Lists; Weekly Planners; Blank Weekly Planner; Blank Monthly Planner; Food and Nutrition; Food Focus Seek and Find; Instructions for Biomimicry in the Classroom and Heart Poems; Biomimicry Example; Heart Poems; Vocabulary Images; Parent Newsletter; Improving Your Child Care Center - Show and Share in Your Classroom; Math and Play Centers in Early Childhood; Circle Time, Outdoor Play, & Science Notebooks in Early Childhood; Assessment Information; Blank Assessment Checklist.

Month 1: The Human Biome!
We are so grateful that you are embarking on this educational experience with Origins.

This packet includes lessons based on classroom community, classroom guidelines, and the human body. The project for this theme is called, "All About Me".

Lesson Plans:

Introduction and Connection; Favorites Dice; Self-Portrait; Bucket Filling; Connection Through Community; Creating Classroom Guidelines; Classroom Jobs; Measuring Problems; Let’s Take Turns!, Emotions Live in your Body, What is Consent?, Fantastic, Elastic Brain, The 5 Senses; Self Massage: Bones; Self Massage: Muscles; Heart Rate Observations; How Do We Breathe?; The Digestive System; Teeth Talk; Take Care of Yourself


Welcome to Month 2: The Universe!
This month we’ll be exploring space, the solar system and beyond! Students will review real images from space, read stories, and enjoy fun activities that teach them about constellations, the makeup of planet earth and its weather patterns, and our place in the universe.

Lessons are based on the sun, our solar system, and Earth's anatomy. The project for this theme is called, "Planet Design".

Lesson Plans:

The Sun; The Sun Shines Everywhere; Orbiting Planets; Planets: Solid or Gas?; The Solar System; Exploring Space; Comet and Asteroid Yoga Flow; Galaxies; Your Place in the Universe; Starry Night; Create a Constellation; Coyote and the Stars; Day and Night; Reason for the Season; Make a Sundial; Gravity Keeps Me on the Ground; Anatomy of Planet Earth; Magnificent Mud; Moon Sand or Galaxy Playdough; Thank You, Earth!;
Project Week: Day 1- Landscape and Setting; Day 2-3D Plants; Day 3- Living vs Nonliving; Day 4- Creature Character; Day 5- Story Creation


Month 3: The Ocean!
This month we are diving into the science of water, ocean zones, and water conservation. The project for this theme is called, "Commotion in the Ocean".

Lesson Plans:
Wonderful Water; The Water Cycle; Water; Bodies of Water; Ocean: Underwater Dance Party; Ocean Zones Part 1; Ocean Zones Part 2; Tasting and Measuring Seaweed; Recycled Reefs; Fantastic Fish; The Food Chain; Underwater Friendships; Marine Animal Math; Literacy Game: Hungry Shark; Writing Waves; Ocean: Puppet Show Scenarios; Swimmy; How do you Clean up an Oil Spill?; Puppet Show: Water Conservation; Water is Magic; Guided Water Meditation.
Project Week: Commotion in the Ocean: Day 1 - Discover; Days 2-4 -Research and Create; Days 5 - Present

1. Internal (fall) Preschool Curriculum

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