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A 43-page Exploratory Course, “Mindful Moon” by Laura Oliphant 

For Ages 3-5 and Grade K-2nd


The purpose of this exploration is to discover the wonders of the moon. Students will distinguish between satellites, stars, and planets, familiarize themselves with the phases of the moon, and understand how the moon affects the earth. By reflecting on the moon's patterns, students will begin to recognize their own patterns. A practice of mindfulness can then begin.

Laura is a licensed Early Childhood and Montessori 3-6 Educator. Laura has worked with children in a variety of capacities since 2003, including teaching English in South Korea and teaching children’s yoga. These days she teaches PreK full time and develops curriculum part time.
Laura’s goal in teaching young children is to plant and nurture a life-long love of learning. When a child has learned to recognize their own needs and starts to take responsibility for having those needs met, they have the capacity to build knowledge of the world around them. Therefore, emotional intelligence is essential to academic growth as well as becoming a global citizen.
When she’s not teaching or writing, Laura enjoys spending time with her family. Skiing, hiking, running, camping, and practicing yoga are favorite pastimes. Just as she teaches children to have their mental, emotional, and physical needs met, she practices prioritizing these needs in her own life.

Mindful Moon

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