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One of the biggest obstacles for homeschool parents is in planning and organizing your curriculum for the week, month, and year. Our Starter Kit for Homeschool Parents is specifically designed for the homeschooling family. We lighten your load with our organizational tools and interactive media so you can concentrate on the quality time. 


Homeschool Plan & Track Bundle

This plan and track bundle will help keep you organized, as well as help you prepare for each new year, month, week, or day!


Includes: Yearly Goals, Monthly Planner, Monthly Goals, Weekly Planner, Habit Tracker, Daily Record Sheet, and Attendance Tracker.


Origins Poster Bundle

This poster set is a great resource and beautiful addition to any school or homeschool classroom. These posters are visual aids that demonstrate the cyclical and interconnected nature of Origins Conscious Curriculum; they can be used to support learning with or without a subscription. Available for download in full color.


Includes: Mother Mandala, (4) Focal Points, The Seasons, The Elements, Times of Day, and Stages of Life Posters


Homeschool Emotional Regulation Bundle 

Our Emotional Regulation Bundle is a collection of resources that can help us in building and strengthening emotional intelligence and interpersonal and cognitive skills. Using these tools can help us shift our energy to cultivate wellbeing and emotional stability. You can use these resources with your student however you like. 


Includes: Emotional Regulation Toolbox Poster + Flashcards, Photos Feelings Chart Poster, Emotions Wheel Poster, Emotions & Sensations in the Body Packet, and Choice Cards


These resources come as downloadable PDF files for you to print and use or work with on a device. Our posters come in 11x17" and can be resized and printed smaller if needed. We suggest printing at your local Print/Copy facility to save money and together, reduce our carbon footprint!

Homeschool Parents Starter Kit

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