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A 48-page Exploratory Course, "Inspiring a Love of Plants and Herbalism," by Samantha Togstad

For Ages 3-6


Children will begin to take notice of the plant life all around them with this Beginning Herbalism EU for children, “Inspiring a Love of Plants and Herbalism” by Samantha Togstad. Children will explore the foundational elements of herbalism and learn about what plants need to thrive, as well as how we can harness and use their plant power to connect to the earth and keep our bodies healthy.


I am a life-long plant enthusiast and mother to two young children (and a plant-mom to too many to count). I live on a hobby farm with my husband, kids, and my silly Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. I have a background with children as a former nanny and a preschool teacher assistant.
My botanical background includes studying esthetics at a holistic skin care school, gardening, making herbal products for my family, utilizing plant medicine for my family, and continuing to study herbalism through a course focusing on the science of plants and how the body works. It thrills me to be able to share my growing knowledge of plants to children.
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Inspiring a Love of Plants and Herbalism

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