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A 57-page Exploratory Course,“What will you find in Your Cultural Reflection?,” by Aja Minor 

For Grades 9th-12th


This course asks students to reflect on their lives by investigating the concept of culture. First through the lens of groups, then by comparing culture to an iceberg and investigating a few (of many) cultural dimensions. Last, students write (essay or presentation) about the impact of culture in their lives. Every aspect of our lives is connected to culture, yet few people understand how significant the role is. Understanding how culture shapes your development can help navigate your relationships with other people and with the environment.


Aja Minor is a global citizenship education advocate with over ten years of rich and varied experience in education. After receiving an MA in Anthropology, M.Ed in Education, and a Single Subject Credential in English Language Arts, she worked with young people in schools and service-learning programs. She currently works with the Council for International Educational Exchange and writes curriculum for Gooru, Inc, and A+ Educational Services.

What Will You Find In Your Cultural Reflection?

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