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A 28-page Exploratory Course, “Non Native Species in Your Backyard” by Annemarie Strange 

For 5th-8th Graders


Is the weather getting nice in your area? Do you have time for a outdoors-based science unit? Then this class is for you! In Non-Native Species in Your Backyard, students will delve into the native and non-native species in the area that they live in. First, they will practice using their internet research skills to determine which ones are having a harmful effect and which ones are not. Then they will develop their own non-native species-catching device by following the steps of the Engineering Design Process, collect data on it, and evaluate its effectiveness. Along the way, they will do a critical reading of an article on native and non-native species, collect data in a data table, and practice scientific graphing and analysis to help improve their environment and learn about science by doing science.

Diane grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where sheattended Louisiana State University, graduating witha degree in Elementary Education. She taught in thepublic school system in Louisiana and in Texas beforemoving to Colorado Springs, Colorado. There sheearned a Master of Education in Curriculum andInstruction from University of Colorado and a second Master of Education in Integrated Natural Sciences from Colorado College. After teaching for over 20 years in Colorado Springs, she became a mentor and coach in literacyand science for classroom teachers in several school districtsthrough NSTA. In 2001 she was voted one of the top 100 teachers in America by ReliaStar. Diane took the years of experience to Colorado College once again where she has been for 12 years as in instructor in STEM and Science Methods. Diane has edited and contributed to science textbooks for Association of Christian Schools International, and written curriculum for Science Matters in America. Diane continues to write and facilitate professional development opportunitiesfor science publishing companies, science materials companies and school districts.Diane and her husband live in Colorado Springs where she enjoys walking, writing, reading and spending timewith her two grandchildren. "My grandchildren have had a science notebook to record our learning experiences since they were each four years old,"

Non Native Species in Your Backyard

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