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Focal Point: External

Age Group: K-2nd

What’s included: 20+ lesson plans, plus workbook and resources

Suitable for: Homeschool families


Topics: Languages, communication, the structure of the English language, American Sign Language (ASL), oral traditions, graphic storytelling, and how the natural world “speaks.”




Opening Circle 

  • Vocabulary Cards 

  • Image of the week 

  • Warm-Up 

  • Intention 

  • Emotion Tracker 

Movement Activities 

  • Language of Dance

  • Build a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

  • The Language of Birds


  • Reading Log 

  • Sight Words 

  • Context Clues and Vocabulary

  • Folklore in Graphic Novels

  • Grammar and Sentence Structure

  • Dialogue

  • Organizing Information on a Timeline

Fine Arts 

  • Papyrus

  • Write Your Name in Hieroglyphs


  • Language of Recipes

  • Roasted Chickpeas

  • Classic Hummus


  • Language of Bees

  • Scientific Method


  • Adding Two-Digit Numbers 

  • Adding Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping

  • Charting System

  • Adding Two-Digit Numbers Game


  • My Self-Talk

  • Mindfulness Tracker 

  • Yoga Flow 


  • Reflection Choice Board 

Monthly Project 

  • Topics of Interest 

  • Writing Plan

  • Write Your Graphic Story

Homeschool K-2nd Grade - Month 5: The Language of Humans and the Earth

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