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For Preschool


If you’re looking for an additional way to improve your Childcare Center and set yourself a part from the competition, this packet will get you there! We’ve compiled (12) new resources to help your school with everything from the school environment to the assessment process. These resources will be invaluable for administrators, directors, and teachers to build knowledge and improve structure and process. When the quality of your school increases, so does its value, and this has positive effect on your students, families, and staff.


This packet includes the following resources: Developmental Checklist: Baseline Data; Portfolios: Evidence of Learning; Parent Teacher Conferences; The Classroom Environment; Family Resource Center; Home and School Connection; Teacher Reflection; Show and Share in the Classroom; Outdoor Environment Rating Scale; Technology in the Classroom; Developmental Checklist: Final data

Improving Your Childcare Center Packet

  • Product is a downloadable PDF.

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