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Focal Point: External

Age Group: K-2nd

What’s included: 20+ lesson plans, plus workbook and resources

Suitable for: Homeschool families

Topics: For our first month studying metaphysical qualities all around us, we take a look at the world of animals on Earth. We learn about animal adaptations and classifications, and spend time in nature to learn about the many unique and overlapping characteristics of wildlife and ecosystems. Nature can teach us how to balance our fears with facts and information, so we learn to approach nature as a scientist through observation and data collection. We practice our naturalist skills by studying animals in nature, then learn to share our knowledge with others through writing and art. Humans can play an important role in supporting a healthy ecosystem, as we are an integral part of how it functions and thrives. Join us as we explore the beautiful diversity of life on earth.




  • Opening

  • Outdoor Movement: Signs and Tracks of Living Things: Observing Outdoors Like a Naturalist

  • Outdoor Movement: Animal Yoga

  • Reading: Summarizing Texts about Living Organisms

  • Reading: Reading Diagrams to Learn about the Life Cycles of Living Organisms

  • Writing: Adding Details to Make Writing More Specific and Engaging

  • Writing: Narrative Nonfiction about Animals

  • Culture and Society: Invasive Species

  • Art: Printmaking: Monoprinting and Block Printing with Recycled Materials

  • Nutrition: Herbivores, Carnivores, and Omnivores

  • Science: Animal Classification

  • Science: Exploring Animal Adaptations in Birds

  • Mathematics: 

    • Measuring Length in Non-Standard Units (K-2)

    • Standard Units of Measurement (3-4)

    • Converting Units of Measurement (5-6)

  • Mathematics: 

    • Measuring Length in Standard Units (K-2)

    • Converting Units of Measurement (3-4)

    • Line Plots (5-6)

  • Monthly Project: Design a Creature

  • Mindfulness: Build Empathy by Thinking with Our Heads (Not Just Our Hearts)

  • Closing

Homeschool K-2nd Grade - Month 7: The World of Animals on Earth