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Focal Point: External

Age Group: 5th-6th

What’s included: 20+ lesson plans, plus workbook and resources

Suitable for: Homeschool families

Topics: This month, we explore the incredible world of plants. From the parts of plants to photosynthesis, we delve into the vast diversity and magic of plants. We learn how to compare and contrast texts that we read and apply this skill to real life as we compare and contrast plants. We learn to write and follow how-tos. We also draw parallels to our academic studies: How is the writing process like plant growth? How is reading like foraging? Then we learn how and why plants are an integral part of our world, diving into the topics of photosynthesis, plant diversity, and pollinator species. We introduce some of the many threats plants face, such as loss of ecosystem diversity, and learn what we can do to help, from growing a garden to attracting pollinators. Above all, we invite you and your student to go out, experience the world of plants, and get your hands dirty while planting some literal and metaphorical seeds.




  • Opening

  • Outdoor Movement: Collecting Plant Data

  • Outdoor Movement: Balance

  • Reading: Compare and Contrast

  • Reading: Foraging Through Texts and the Natural World

  • Writing: 

    • Procedural Writing (3-4 and 5-6)

  • Writing: Seeds of Writing

  • Culture and Society: The Importance of Plant Diversity

  • Art: Flowers

  • Nutrition: Plants for Pollinators and Cooking with Honey

  • Science: All About Plants

  • Science: Photosynthesis and Plant Experiments

  • Mathematics:

    • Frequency Tables and Dot Plots (5-6) 

  • Mathematics: 

    • Distribution of Data (5-6)

  • Monthly Project: Plan a Garden

  • Mindfulness: Seeds of Hope

  • Closing

Homeschool 5th-6th Grade - Month 9: Diversity and Magic of Plants